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Double Pointed Stone War Club

This war club has the name Blue Cloud Grass Dancer written in togia on various locations on the club. Blue Cloud was born in 1837 to Kuhinyan Oglala Lakota Sioux parents and was a member of the Little Wound Band. There is no record of Blue Cloud's wife but he had two children and was part of Crazy Horse's Society of the Grass Dancer, a special elite warrior society of scouts led by Black Bear. Blue Cloud and his children surrendered with Crazy Horse on May 6, 1877 at the Red Cloud Agency.


Blue Coat’s Sharps SRC S/N C44272

This rifle has the name Blue Coat Sans Arc written in togia on it with a message: "Blue Coat Sans Arc-Miwatani Warrier Society-rode together-Oglala-Brule-Cheyenne-Blackfoot-Hunkpapa-Minneconjou-gifted-headman-Sitting Bull". Blue Coat fought in the Indian Wars and followed Sitting Bull into Canada, and eventually settled on the Cheyenne River Agency.


One Bull’s Colt Derringer S/N 16821

This Derringer has the name One Bull Hunkpapa written in togia numerous times on it. One Bull was Sitting Bull's younger half-brother, acting as one his personal guards and riding with him during the Indian Wars. One Bull's story can be found in "More History".


1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver S/N 88094 with Chief Long Hat’s story

This Revolver has the name Chief Long Hat written a number of times in togia, along with the Oglala and Wakan marks. Long Hat, an Oglala Lakota Sioux, was a chief of the Wakan and belonged to a special sect called the Yuwipi. The Yuwipi conducted various rituals and the men were known as Yuwip iwicasa or a Yuwipi Man. In a story about Long Hat, Black Shawl, Crazy Horse’s wife said Long Hat had travelled with them and helped her husband decide to surrender. Her recounting of the story is found in "More History".


1851 Colt Navy Percussion Revolver S/N 106648

This 1851 Colt Navy Percussion Revolver S/N 106648 has the name Little Shield written in togia on the right and left grips and the bottom of the back strap, as part of the message: "rode with-Soreback-brother-He Dog-Greasy Grass". Little Shield fought in the lndian Wars and was shot in the arm during the Little Bighorn battle. Little Shield and his family surrendered with Crazy Horse in May 1877 at Fort Robinson. They settled at the Red Cloud Agency and later transferred to the Pine Ridge Reservation and settled in the White Clay District.


Strongheart Missouri War Axe

This war axehas the name Bull Ghost written in togia multiple times on both sides of the blade. Bull Ghost was born in 1854 to Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux parents and grew up with Sitting Bull. He and was a member of Sitting Bull's Icira Band, becoming one of Sitting Bull's guards and protectors. He fought in the Indian Wars with Sitting Bull and he and his family followed Sitting Bull into Canada in 1877. After surrendering, Bull Ghost eventually settled on the Grand River on the Standing Rock Reservation.


Sharps Percussion SRC S/N 31740

This Sharps rifle has the name Long Wolf Minneconjou written in togia on the action as part of the message: "Battle-Rosebud-Greasy Grass (Little Bighorn)-together-kill-plenty-soldier-rode together-Charging Bear-High Bear". Long Wolf fought in the Indian Wars and at Greasy Grass / Little Bighorn and surrendered with Crazy Horse, settling in the Wounded Knee District of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Long Wolf was later recruited to join Wild Bill Cody's Wild West Show.


This 1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver, the name Knife is written in togia on the left grip as part of the following message: "Knife-Grass Dancer-rode together-Black Bear". On the right grip is found Knife Grass Dancer written twice along with the togia mark for scout. On the bottom of the back strap Knife Grass Dancer is written three times near the togia scout mark. On the left side of the barrel, Knife Grass Dancer is found written again. Knife was born in t842, an Oyuhkpe Oglala Sioux. He grew to be a great warrior and was selected by Crazy Horse to become a Grass Dancer. Knife and his family settled on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the Wounded Knee District.


P. Webley & Son 10 GA Shotgun

This P. Webley & Son shotgun from Birmingham, England, has the name Blue Horse written in togia on the leather on the stock, along with the brass button configuration of the Wagluhe Sica Bad Face Band and prayer buttons. The Collector believes this shotgun was Blue Horse’s personal weapon.

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