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1849 Colt Pocket Revolver S/N 256329

This 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver S/N 256329 has the name Killed Twice Hunkpapa written in togia on the left grip and frame, right grip and frame and the bottom of the left and right grips. Killed Twice was born in 1860, the son of Hunkpapa parents Conquering Bear and Yellow Woman. Killed Twice had three brothers - Weasel born in 1856, Chasing Twice born in 1858 and Run over Again born in 1862. Conquering Bear and his sons all fought in the lndian Wars and belonged to Rain ln The Face's Hunkpapa Band of Lakota Sioux. Rain ln The Face and his band followed Sitting Bull into Canada and surrendered at Fort Keogh on October 31, 1880. The band of 39 families (180 people) was sent to the Standing Rock Reservation and they settled near Bullhead Creek.


Double Horn War Club

This war club shows the name Bear Bird Minneconjou written in togia in various locations. Bear Bird was born in 1853, the son of the Minneconjou Bear In The Wood and his wife iron Claw. Bear ln The Wood belonged to Hump's Band of Shunka Yute Shi or Eat No Dog's Band, so Bear Bird joined the same band when he came of age. Bear Bird rode with Hump and his band during the lndian Wars and followed Sitting Bull into Canada. Hump and his band surrendered in 1881 and were sent to the Standing Rock Reservation.


1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver S/N 174761

This 1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver S/N 174761 has the name Blue Hawk written twice in togia on the right grip along with the Oglala and Oyuhpe Oglala marks. Blue Hawk is written on the trigger guard by the serial number and Blue Hawk (with Hawk written twice) Ouyhpe Oglala written on the bottom of the back strap. An Oglala Lakota Sioux, Blue Hawk was born in 1833. He and his son, Wonderful Crow, were members of a special cavalry unit created by Big Roads. These warriors fought with only with war axe sand revolvers and changed the course of the battle at the Little Bighorn.


This Elk Horn Scraper has the name White Face Hunkpapa written in togia on it, along with the button circle of the Chankaokhan Sore back Society. The handle of the scraper has the personal mark of Running Antelope. White Face was born in 1821 to Hunkpapa parents. She married Running Antelope, a Soreback Chankaokhan Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux in 1840. ln 1880, White Face and Running Antelope surrendered after returning from Canada and they were sent to the Standing Rock Reservation. Running Antelope was then selected as the Head Chief of the Standing Rock Reservation by the Reservation Agent James McLaughlin.


War Bonnet’s 1860 Colt Army 44 Cal Percussion Revolver S/N 141065

War Bonnet's name is written in togia on this revolver, with a message "War Bonnet-Black Bear-protect-War Bonnet-see plenty death-Wounded Knee". He was an Oglala Lakota Sioux and belonged to Chief Red Dog's Band. After fighting in the Battle of Little Bighorn he and his family surrendered with Crazy Horse, but War Bonnet stayed at the Ice Cave to guard the horses and guns.


1869 Springfield Trapdoor Cut Down Rifle S/N 330537

This Springfield rifle has the name Many Bulls Hunkpapa written in togia near the cartouche and the brass button configuration of Gall's Meat Necklace is also found on the stock. Many Bulls rode at Greasy Grass / Little Bighorn and was eventually sent to the Standing Rock Reservation.


1866 Winchester SRC S/N 48412

This Winchester has the name Little Fox written in togia on the stock, as well as the togia symbol Araphoe. Noted is that this has a musket replacement stock, but the Collector believes that Little Fox replaced the stock because his name is written on the original forearm and the stock. Little Fox surrendered as recorded on the Crazy Horse Surrender List.


Hudson Bay Company Dag Knife

This Hudson Bay Company Dag Knife has the name Blue Horse written in togia on the handle, along with the marks of Wagluhe Loafer Band and the Society of the Heyota Akicita Warrior Society of the Oglala. Blue Horse was born in 1822, the son of Old Smoke, aka Buffalo Bull and Burnt Her Woman, and the twin brother of Big Mouth. One of his sons became a great chief and leader of the Wagluhe Band. Another son headed the Itesica Bad Face Band of Oglala Sioux. Blue Horse was also a participant in the Battle of Little Bighorn.

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