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1873 First Model Winchester Rifle S/N 23496

This Winchester Rifle has the name Yellow Bull written in togia on the left side of the stock. Yellow Bull fought in the Indian Wars alongside Crazy Horse and surrendered March 13, 1877, eventually settling in the Medicine Root District of the Pine Ridge Reservation.


1866 Winchester Rifle S/N 27549

This Winchester Rifle has the name Red Bear Cheyenne written in togia on the stock. Red Bear fought at the Greasy Grass/Little Bighorn battle and eventually followed Big Road into Canada. They surrendered in 1880 and were sent to Standing Rock Reservation in 1881 and then transferred in 1882 to the Pine Ridge Reservation.


1869 Springfield Trapdoor Conversion Rifle S/N 28140

This Springfield rifle has the name Medicine written in togia on the stock, with the following message: "Medicine-rode with friend-Two Elk-Crazy Horse-surrender". Medicine was a member of the Loafer Band and eventually settled in the Pass Creek District of the Pine Ridge Reservation.


Gun Barrel Pipe Axe

The name Bull Wallowing is found written on this war axe along with a few messages. The Pipe axe also has the brass button configuration of the Cheyenne Kit Fox Society and the brass buttons which represent the status of chief. Bull Wallowing was a great war chief of the Northern Cheyenne.


1860 Colt Army Percussion Revolver S/N 118617

This 1860 Colt Army Percussion 44 Cal Revolver, Old Bear is written in togia on the right and left grips and the bottom of the right grip. Old Bear was born in 1822 to Northern Cheyenne parents and married an Oglala woman who belonged to Crazy Horse’s band, which Old Bear joined. He later married Long Tooth in 1871 and rode with Two Moon and lce (White Bull) at the Battle of Little Sheeps Creek/Little Bighorn, killing many soldiers that attacked their village. ln the spring of 1,877, many Cheyenne wanted Two Moon to surrender but many did not. Two Moon found Crazy Horse and the Oglala camped on the Powder Riverand Old Bear and his family joined other Cheyenne families who did not want to surrender and ultimately stayed with the Oglala. Old Bear followed Crazy Horse until surrendering with him in the fall of 1877. Old Bear and his family settled in the Pine Ridge Reservation and never returned to the Cheyenne Reservation.


1866 Winchester Musket S/N 31817

This Winchester Musket has the name Sitting Bull / Slow Hunkpapa written in togia on the action and his name is written in togia on the stock, along with the name Grey Eagle. Sitting Bull was eventually arrested and Grey Eagle was one of the policemen who tried to convince Sitting Bull to surrender.


Blue Shield’s Double Pointed War Club

Blue Shield was an Oglala Sioux and his name is written a few times on this war club in togia. He road with Crazy Horse and 34 other warriors at the Battle of Little Bighorn and later surrendered with him. He settled in the White Clay District.


Round Stone War Club

This war club has the name Old Bull written in togia on the leather strap around the stone head, along with the following message: "Old Bull-Crow KingTalonapin-Raw Meat Necklace Band." Crow King and the mark of the Talonapin Raw Meat Necklace Band is also written on the stone face. Old Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux, joined the Band of Devil Medicine Man, The Holy Band, headed by Crow King's father. Crow King and his band also followed Sitting Bull into Canada, and Old Bull and his family surrendered in May 1881 with Crow King's band to Commander Brotherton at Fort Buford. Old Bull and his family were then transferred to the Standing Rock Reservation and he lived there until his death in 1949.


1859 Sharps New Model SRC S/N 74355

This Sharps SRC has the name He Dog written in togia on the saddle ring strap along with the English letter HDH. Brass buttons on the wrist are in the configuration for chief. The Collector believes the letters HDH are the initials of Lieutenant Henry Dustin Huntington of Company D, 2nd Cavalry.

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