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1873 Winchester SRC S/N 258726B

This Winchester SRC has the name Walking White Cow written in togia on the right wrist, with a message: "rode with Crazy Horse-see". On the stock is written the Cross Chasing Mark of Oglala Crazy Dogs and another message: "fought at Greasy Grass". Walking White Cow fought in most of the Indian Wars battles with Crazy Hrose. He surrendered in the spring of 1877 with Crazy Horse and were transferred to the Standing Rock Agency and was still living at the time of the 1926 Census.


Standing Bear’s 1873 Smith & Wesson Schofield Revolver S/N 464

This revolver has the name Standing Bear written in togia with the mark for scout on the action. The names Bird and Good Hand are also written in togia on the revolver. Scouts were issued these types of revolvers, along with Springfield Trapdoor carbines, holster and cartridge belts.


Winchester - Hotchkiss Bolt Action 45 - 70 Rifle S/N 4186

This Winchester - Hotchkiss Bolt Action 45 - 70 Rifle, S/N 4186, has the name Red Bear written in togia on the left side of the wrist, along with the symbol for Metis.


1849 Colt Pocket Richards-Mason Conversion S/N 10165

This revolver has the name Bulls Eye written in togia on the grip with the mark for Blackfeet. The Blackfeet joined Sitting Bull in Canada and Bulls Eye participated in the Milk River Battle of 1879 and surrendered as part of Shot In The Head's Band in 1881.


Colt 3rd Model Derringer S/N 14781

This Colt Derringer has the name Red Bull written in togia on the grip along with the mark for Greasy Grass. Red Bull and his mother were sent to the Standing Rock Reservation and moved to the Pine Ridge Reservation.


1866 Winchester SRC S/N 47359

This Winchester SRC has the name Big Shirt written in togia on the action, as part of the message: "Big Shirt-kill-plenty-soldier-battle-Rosebud Battle-Greasy Grass". There are several more messages written on this SRC. There is no personal information available about Big Shirt, but records state he died in 1890 and is buried on the Pine Ridge Reservation.


Plenty Crows’ Russell Green Works Knife

Plenty Crows was a Northern Cheyenne and became a member of Chief Wolf Tooth's Band, fighting with him during the Indian Wars. At Little Bighorn they attacked the north end where Captain Myles Keogh and his Company were. It is believed Plenty Crows killed Private Adam Hetesimer and took this knife by the markings found on it.

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