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This Elk Horn Scraper has the name White Face Hunkpapa written in togia on it, along with the button circle of the Chankaokhan Sore back Society. The handle of the scraper has the personal mark of Running Antelope. White Face was born in 1821 to Hunkpapa parents. She married Running Antelope, a Soreback Chankaokhan Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux in 1840. ln 1880, White Face and Running Antelope surrendered after returning from Canada and they were sent to the Standing Rock Reservation. Running Antelope was then selected as the Head Chief of the Standing Rock Reservation by the Reservation Agent James McLaughlin.


McClellan Military Saddle

Saddle model developed in 1859 by Captain McClellan specifically for the cavalry. The 7th Cavalry would have used this type of saddle during the Indian Wars and beyond.


High Walking’s 7th Cavalry Bugle

The Collector believes this is a 7th Cavalry bugle, and found the name High Walking written in togia on the bugle near the mouthpiece. High Walking participated at the Battle of Little Bighorn in the southern part of the battle. Based on the Indian family stories, soldiers' testimonies and the marking on the bugle, it is believed this bugle was in the possession of trumpeter Thomas N. Way, Company F, 7th Cavalry.


Reprint of photography by Edward S Curtis “Plate 607-A Zuri Governor” with a poem

Wood framed reprint of photography by Edward S Curtis "Plate 607-A Zuri Governor" with a poem. The original photograph was taken by Edward S. Curtis in 1926, nearing the end of his massive project, "The North American Indian".


Many Horses’ Society’s Twisted Stem Pipe

This pipe has the name Many Horses Wakan Medicine Man written all over it in togia. Many Horses was born in 1850 and became a great holy man and close friends with Sitting Bull. Many Horses organized a Ghost Dance ritual for Sitting Bull's people to drive the soldiers away that were camped nearby.


Yellow Horse’s Dancing Stick

The name Yellow Horse is found by itself and in a couple other messages written on this dancing stick in togia. It is believed he used the Dancing Stick during ceremonies he held as a Medicine Man. As an Oglala Lakota Sioux Medicine Man, Yellow Horse participated in the Battle of Little Bighorn and rode with Crazy Horse. He surrendered with Crazy Horse in 1877.

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