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Double Pointed Stone War Club

This war club has the name Blue Cloud Grass Dancer written in togia on various locations on the club. Blue Cloud was born in 1837 to Kuhinyan Oglala Lakota Sioux parents and was a member of the Little Wound Band. There is no record of Blue Cloud's wife but he had two children and was part of Crazy Horse's Society of the Grass Dancer, a special elite warrior society of scouts led by Black Bear. Blue Cloud and his children surrendered with Crazy Horse on May 6, 1877 at the Red Cloud Agency.


Strongheart Missouri War Axe

This war axehas the name Bull Ghost written in togia multiple times on both sides of the blade. Bull Ghost was born in 1854 to Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux parents and grew up with Sitting Bull. He and was a member of Sitting Bull's Icira Band, becoming one of Sitting Bull's guards and protectors. He fought in the Indian Wars with Sitting Bull and he and his family followed Sitting Bull into Canada in 1877. After surrendering, Bull Ghost eventually settled on the Grand River on the Standing Rock Reservation.


Double Horn War Club

This war club shows the name Bear Bird Minneconjou written in togia in various locations. Bear Bird was born in 1853, the son of the Minneconjou Bear In The Wood and his wife iron Claw. Bear ln The Wood belonged to Hump's Band of Shunka Yute Shi or Eat No Dog's Band, so Bear Bird joined the same band when he came of age. Bear Bird rode with Hump and his band during the lndian Wars and followed Sitting Bull into Canada. Hump and his band surrendered in 1881 and were sent to the Standing Rock Reservation.


Hudson Bay Company Dag Knife

This Hudson Bay Company Dag Knife has the name Blue Horse written in togia on the handle, along with the marks of Wagluhe Loafer Band and the Society of the Heyota Akicita Warrior Society of the Oglala. Blue Horse was born in 1822, the son of Old Smoke, aka Buffalo Bull and Burnt Her Woman, and the twin brother of Big Mouth. One of his sons became a great chief and leader of the Wagluhe Band. Another son headed the Itesica Bad Face Band of Oglala Sioux. Blue Horse was also a participant in the Battle of Little Bighorn.


Gun Barrel Pipe Axe

The name Bull Wallowing is found written on this war axe along with a few messages. The Pipe axe also has the brass button configuration of the Cheyenne Kit Fox Society and the brass buttons which represent the status of chief. Bull Wallowing was a great war chief of the Northern Cheyenne.


Blue Shield’s Double Pointed War Club

Blue Shield was an Oglala Sioux and his name is written a few times on this war club in togia. He road with Crazy Horse and 34 other warriors at the Battle of Little Bighorn and later surrendered with him. He settled in the White Clay District.


Round Stone War Club

This war club has the name Old Bull written in togia on the leather strap around the stone head, along with the following message: "Old Bull-Crow KingTalonapin-Raw Meat Necklace Band." Crow King and the mark of the Talonapin Raw Meat Necklace Band is also written on the stone face. Old Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux, joined the Band of Devil Medicine Man, The Holy Band, headed by Crow King's father. Crow King and his band also followed Sitting Bull into Canada, and Old Bull and his family surrendered in May 1881 with Crow King's band to Commander Brotherton at Fort Buford. Old Bull and his family were then transferred to the Standing Rock Reservation and he lived there until his death in 1949.


Plenty Crows’ Russell Green Works Knife

Plenty Crows was a Northern Cheyenne and became a member of Chief Wolf Tooth's Band, fighting with him during the Indian Wars. At Little Bighorn they attacked the north end where Captain Myles Keogh and his Company were. It is believed Plenty Crows killed Private Adam Hetesimer and took this knife by the markings found on it.


Horse Bear’s Antler Handle Knife

The Name Horse Bear Oglala is written in togia numerous times on this knife. He rode with No Water at the battles of Rosebud and Little Bighorn, surrendering with Crazy Horse in 1877. He lived temporarily at the Red Cloud Agency until he and his family were transferred to the Pine Ridge Reservation.


Charging Hawk’s Butcher Knife

The name Charging Hawk is written in togia on the handle of this knife, along with the message: "killed Creeping Panther." Charging Hawk participated at the Little Bighorn Battle when he was just 13 years old. It is believed he rode up to Custer and shot him in his left temple with a 41 Cal Derringer. The message "killed Creeping Panther" is believed to be about killing Custer.

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